On The Spur of A Very Awkward Moment

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Musicals and female characters give me life.

never play minecraft instead of doing your homework omg or the minecraft gods will make a creeper simultaneously blow you up and push you in lava not once but twice in ten minutes why why why i lost all my stuff nooooo


From beginning to end

default album art
Song: Poison In My Pocket
Artist: Catherine Walker, Shuler Hensley, Aaron Tveit
Album: Sundance Sings
Played: 1,512 times.


Aaron Tveit as Monty Navarro. Need I say more?

I was genuinely amazed at the shows that have come out of the Sundance Institute: Grey Gardens, A Gentleman’s Guide To Love and Murder, First Daughters Suite, Little Miss Sunshine, Fun Home, The Light in the Piazza, Passing Strange, and Spring Awakening were all represented. I swear I’m not a shill for Sundance, but if you can spare a dollar or two: show them your support, because they make some fucking amazing musical theatre happen.




Sulu’s like “whatever, drama queen.”

is sulu texting

he’s livetweeting chekov’s problems


the best opening to the best musical


the best opening to the best musical


Throwback to Bryce Pinkham being adorable at the Gentleman’s Guide stage door.


Taylor Swift on Emma Watson’s UN speech and (last 2 gifs) on not “acting up” like Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears (x)

*wipes tear*